I am Andrea “Aundriya” Lynn Brown. I am a photographer and graphic designer. I am a mother, dog parent, coffee drinker, and eccentric. I’ve done a round of undergraduate studies that landed me a degree in chemistry. Hablo un poco de español. I have an obsession with unconventional beauty.


I first picked up a camera during my junior year of high school. I needed an elective to fill my schedule. Photography seemed like a good fit. By the first graded assignment, I was hooked. My focus quickly became unseen beauty and children. Since that time I have done a few events but truly kept photography as a hobby. I was finally brought back to this art when I started working for Lifetouch as a school photographer. In my first season, I was chosen as one of the top 5 photographers of my territory.

Graphic Design

I found my way to graphic design during my sophomore year of undergrad. I began working as the layout manager of the school’s newspaper. This gave me access to the Adobe Creative Suite. Like any curious young adult, I began playing around with it. I made graphics for a few friends which led me to designing and laying out party flyers. My first gig was for an organization for LGBT youth in my hometown. News spread through campus about my interest and I was recruited to design and layout the school’s literary magazine during my final two years. As an adult my focus has been print work. Laying out designs to print and distribute will always be something I enjoy. Something about creating a tangible product makes me very happy.